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The Oregon Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (OAMFT) is a state division of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT).  Members of AAMFT who live in Oregon are automatically members of OAMFT.  To learn more about joining AAMFT, click here.  To begin the application process, click here.


  • Gain referral income through professional networking opportunities;
  • "Up close and personal" relationship building with OAMFT Board and members at annual conferences, regional events and peer consultation groups;
  • Access to industry leaders such as conference speakers, past Board members, legislators, graduate school professionals;
  • Professional connections at local, regional, national, and international levels;
  • Save money with reduced prices when attending Regional Conferences and National regional, and local seminars, workshops, and symposiums;
  • Increase your income through regional connections and job opportunities;
  • Receive free CEUs through Peer Consultation groups;
  • Access to OAMFT newsletter, Facebook, regional newsletters with “behind the scenes” information for more expanded knowledge to build your portfolio of expertise.
  • Click here for a list of Member Benefits: Member Benefits 2012

AAMFT has the following membership categories:

Clinical Fellow
Clinical membership is the highest level of membership in the AAMFT. Clinical Members are licensed marriage and family therapists.  Clinical members are recognized worldwide as highly trained professionals. If your province does not license marriage and family therapists, if you live overseas, or if you live in a state that has just started licensing, we offer an evaluative application process. Please click here for the requirements to apply under the evaluative track process.

Members of the Association shall have attained and hold a current independent (private) practice in a mental health field other than MFT, as defined by the Board that legally authorizes you to provide services to individuals, couples, and families.

Pre-Clinical Fellow (formerly Associate)
Associate Members have earned graduate degrees in marriage and family therapy or a related mental health discipline, and are working on the clinical hours required for MFT licensure and AAMFT Clinical Membership. Associate membership signifies an ongoing dedication to achieving the highest standards in the marriage and family therapy profession.

Associate Membership
Associate members are individuals who submit proof of an official designation indicating they have met all educational requirements for licensure or certification in a mental health profession other than marriage and family therapy and are completing the post graduate clinical hours to practice independently in a mental health field other than MFT.

Student Members are currently enrolled in a graduate or post-degree training program that can be reasonably expected to lead towards an MFT license and AAMFT Clinical Membership. Student membership signifies a commitment and desire to become a marriage and family therapist.

Affiliate Membership signifies a commitment to staying up-to-date on the latest research, news, and clinical developments in the marriage and family therapy profession. It is the ideal membership opportunity for the mental health professional who wants to connect with the MFT profession, but does not want to pursue MFT licensure or Clinical Membership. Affiliate membership in non-clinical; thus, the AAMFT does not review credentials as part of the application process.

AAMFT Approved Supervisor Designation
AAMFT Approved Supervisors are dedicated professionals who have obtained the educational, experiential, and supervisory training required for the competent supervision of marriage and family therapists and trainees. Those who have earned the designation serve as mentors who support and nurture their supervisees' strengths and resources, and provide a learning environment that ensures thorough marriage and family therapy (MFT) training and education. Approved Supervisors work from a systemic orientation, using a variety of MFT theoretical approaches in their practice. Their supervision is guided by the Responsibilities and Guidelines for AAMFT Approved Supervisors, set forth in the Approved Supervisor Handbook, October 2002 and the AAMFT Code of Ethics. 

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