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OAMFT Member Benefits

Supervisor Refresher Course                     OAMFT offers free or low-cost AAMFT Approved Supervisor Refresher Courses for OAMFT members who are AAMFT Approved Supervisors.  (AAMFT Approved Supervisors must participate in an AAMFT Approved Refresher Course, worth 5 CEUs, every 5 years.)

Affordable Counseling for MFT Students: OAMFT Clinical Fellows are offering affordable counseling to OAMFT Student Members. Log-in with your AAMFT ID to view our complete listing of therapists. If you are a Clinical Fellow who is interested in offering affordable therapy to students, please contact us.

Discount on Advertising Rates:
OAMFT members receive a discount when advertising in OAMFT's quarterly newsletter.  The Network News is distributed to over 500 MFT professionals and posted on OAMFT's website, AAMFT's website, OAMFT Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  For more info: Newsletter Advertising Info.

Goodtherapy.org Free Trial: OAMFT members receive a free 60-day trial of Goodtherapy.org, an online resource for mental health that includes unlimited continuing education and an opportunity to build your practice through their online directory. You can access the free trial online with code: TRIAL602013AAMFT.  Students can also receive free access to their continuing education archive by visiting www.goodtherapy.org/students.html.

Discount on MFT Exam Test Prep Resources:  To help you prepare for taking the MFT exam, OAMFT is pleased to offer discounts on test prep resources.  See MFT Test Prep Resources for details!

Therapynotes Discount:  TherapyNotes saves you time with easy-to-use notes, scheduling, and to-do list features. Safety and security are built in to give you peace of mind, so you can focus on what's most important: your clients.  OAMFT members receive an additional 2 free months trial of Therapynotes, for a total of 3 free months and 25% on the subscription fee for a year starting after the 3 months free trial.  To sign up, visit Therapynotes site here.

Policy/Legislative Advocacy:  OAMFT along with COPACT (the lobbying organization for LPC's, LMFT's in Oregon) works tirelessly to persuade legislators and principals of health care organizations of what we already know—that family therapy works and should be should be accepted throughout the health care system. OAMFT and COPACT were instrumental in passing the 2009 Practice Act to provide parity for LMFTs and LPCs.  Want to learn more?  Visit: Legislative Updates

Discount on Annual Conference Rates:   Each year, OAMFT offers a conference to conveniently earn required CEUs and expand your professional knowledge.  A variety of formats have been offered such as multiple topic seminars, premier presenters such as Sue Johnson founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy, Bonnie Badenoch, Ph.D, LMFT and Dr. David Schnarch.  The Annual Conference also includes ample networking opportunities with over 130 mental health professionals. 

Networking & Peer Consultation Groups:   These free events are a relaxing way to network and discuss issues that affect the profession locally.  Most groups meet on a monthly basis.  To find a group in your area, see: Networking.  Peer Consultation groups are eligible for CEUs.  (If there is not a group in your area, and you would be interested in starting one, please contact OAMFT at oamftboard@gmail.com.)

Newsletter: The OAMFT quarterly newsletter is distributed to the entire membership (500+ members) as well as posted online. The newsletter features clinical insight articles, member perspectives, book reviews, letters to the editor, legislative updates, training workshops, and a calendar of events, just to name a few.  The newsletter is full of articles to enhance your professional growth, networking and job opportunities, and news about association activities.  Want to get noticed?  Write an article for OAMFT to get your name in print to over 500 MFTs!  Read the most recent newsletter here: Current Newsletter

Regional Newsletters: Just added, these new email newsletters will draw members together by region for local activities, interests, legislative issues and local needs.

Growing Your Practice:  OAMFT provides many opportunities to help you grow your private practice.  In addition to networking opportunities, OAMFT also maintains a listing of licensed members who provide affordable counseling to our student members.  This helps clinicians build their clientele and also helps students access affordable counseling to meet their educational requirements.

Supervisor Database:  The Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists offers a list of Oregon state-qualified supervisors at no cost to those seeking supervision. AAMFT Approved Supervisors in Oregon are listed here: Approved Supervisor List

When joining the  American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy from within our state, one automatically becomes a member of the Oregon Association for Marriage and Family.  Below is a list of the benefits granted through the national association as a member of this local division.

AAMFT Membership Benefits
Building Your Future In Marriage & Family Therapy
MFTs who are dedicated to their ongoing growth and professional development are not hard to find. They are members of the AAMFT.

The AAMFT provides a unified voice for all marriage and family therapists.  We believe that relationships are foundational to the health and well-being of individuals, all forms of the family, and communities.  We know that family therapy is effective and that family therapy works.  We also believe that consumers should have access to mental health care, including the services of marriage and family therapists.

There are different AAMFT membership applications, depending on the training and experience of an applicant. Click here to enter our simple on-line application process.  To request a specific paper application, please e-mail us your full name, address, and telephone number. If you are not sure which application you need, please email us your daytime telephone number so that we may call you to determine which application to send you.

The following is a brief list of all the professional development opportunities you will receive through your AAMFT membership.

Policy and Advocacy
AAMFT is the primary advocate for the profession, and the primary force for advancing the practice of family therapy. We are the only voice for Marriage and Family Therapists on Capitol Hill. Our staff and leaders meet regularly with legislators and principals of health care organizations to persuade them that family therapy works, and that family therapists should be accepted throughout the healthcare system.

This is AAMFT's online resource for information on a wide range of marriage and family therapy topics.  This collection of resources includes AAMFT publications, events and articles, tapes from AAMFT conferences, and books by AAMFT members.  AAMFT members can view and print out complete magazine and journal articles for free.  Members are also invited to add their books and products to the list of resources at no charge. Click here to visit the site. 

This free on-line therapist directory is a public service of the AAMFT.  Clinical Members receive a free listing that they can personalize with practice and biographical information, and a photograph.  The AAMFT regularly advertises the service to the media and the public.  Click here to visit TherapistLocator.net.

Your professional home on-line has an abundant amount of information.  AAMFT members have exclusive access to special sections of the AAMFT Website. These sections contain valuable information about marketing your practice, advancing your clinical skills, ethical and legal fact sheets, locating job opportunities, and much more. AAMFT.org also allows you to manage your membership from our secure Member’s Only Section. From helpful practice information to the latest in research, AAMFT.org has it all for you.

AAMFT Online Community
The primary goal of the AAMFT Community is to facilitate collaboration and sharing of ideas and work projects. Members and workgroups are utilizing the AAMFT Community to engage in forum discussions regarding clinical issues, blogging about marriage and family therapy, and developing workgroup libraries.

On-Line Networking Directory
Use the directory, located at www.aamft.org, to make referrals to other AAMFT members. Whereas TherapistLocator.net contains only Clinical Members, this directory includes Student and Associate members and van be accessed only by AAMFT members.  To view the directory, please log in at AAMFT.org as a member.

Clinical Member Logo
AAMFT Clinical Members may use the official AAMFT Clinical Member logo on business cards, practice brochures, letterhead, yellow pages advertisements, and other marketing materials. This logo tells potential clients that you are a highly qualified, nationally recognized MFT, and that you are dedicated to your ongoing professional development.

Job Connection
Click here to find position vacancies and resumes. Anyone can post a job, but searching the listings is an exclusive AAMFT member benefit.

Family Therapy Magazine (FTM)
AAMFT members automatically receive a free subscription to the Family Therapy Magazine, AAMFT's bi-monthly publication. Family Therapy Magazine reports on current events and clinical developments in the MFT profession and in the mental health community.

Journal of Marital and Family Therapy (JMFT)
Members also receive the quarterly Journal of Marital and Family Therapy (JMFT) as a free member benefit. The JMFT is known worldwide for its incisive coverage of current marriage and family therapy theory and clinical practice, qualitative and quantitative research, and training.  Students receive JMFT online.

Member Discounts on Practice Tools
AAMFT members receive discounts on all products and event registrations.  Click here to view a complete listing of all AAMFT practice tools.

Division Membership
AAMFT Divisions advocate for members at the state and local level and offer a variety of networking and professional development opportunities.  Click here to access the division directory.

AAMFT Electronic Newsletter
All members receive a member’s only newsletter twice per month. This new benefit provides members with the opportunity to stay abreast with update-to-date information on Association news, advocacy, and legislative updates and MFT articles “in the news.

Discounted Credit Card Processing
AAMFT has collaborated with First National Merchant Solutions to help provide additional cost savings for members. Some of the benefits of the program include

  • Discounted group rates on Visa, MasterCard and Discover Transactions
  • Dedicated Account Management Team
  • Additional merchant processing services, including debit card acceptance, an interest bearing account, and check verification/guarantee services
  • Free online statements and account access

An additional benefit of this service is an account management system that allows you to set up automatic client billing, the ability to obtain insurance pre-authorizations and setting up recurring payments.

In fact First National is so confident that this program will reduce your merchant processing cost that if you don't see a savings over your current processor, they will pay you up to $500.
Contact them at: (800)354-3988

Discounted Web Hosting
TherapySites.com (www.therapysites.com/AAMFT). This web hosting company provides therapist websites that bundle all the tools you need into one all-inclusive package. The service is designed to give you everything you need to make your online presence a profitable investment for your practice including

  • Personalized Domain Name
  • Integrated Email Service
  • Easy-to-use Editing Tools
  • Website Hosting, Unlimited Pages
  • HIPAA Compliant Technology
  • Client Forms
  • Appointment Requests
  • Website Statistics and other services

AAMFT Training on Tape
Choose from hundreds of audio and videotapes from AAMFT annual conferences by clicking here. Discounts apply to AAMFT members.

Ethical Advisory Opinions
When faced with ethical dilemmas in your practice, AAMFT members have free consultation time with an AAMFT ethics case manager. You will receive an ethical advisory opinion that is rooted in the AAMFT Code of Ethics and 15 years of ethical decisions rendered by the AAMFT Ethics Committee. Contact the AAMFT’s Ethics Department at ethics@aamft.org.

Legal Consultation
Legal consultation services are provided to AAMFT Clinical Members in legal matters relating to their professional practice of marriage and family therapy. The service includes telephone consultation with the member, but does not include representation of the member to third parties. As with any legal issue, members are also encouraged to consult with a local attorney. To make an appointment to seek legal consultation, please call (703) 253-0471.

Free Professional Liability Insurance
While an AAMFT Student Member is and remains enrolled in a graduate level MFT program, professional liability insurance is included with their AAMFT membership payment or renewal. As long as the student remains enrolled in a program and a member in good standing, the insurance is renewed.  Liability insurance is provided to Student Members residing in the United States only.

Discounts on Professional Liability Insurance
AAMFT membership gives you access to discounted comprehensive liability coverage specifically designed for your practice. Coverage is available for MFTs at prices specifically designed for your practice. The AAMFT’s current insurance carrier is CPH and Associates. For more details and to apply for coverage please visit www.cphins.com or call CPH and Associates at (800) 875-1911.

Assistance Locating Health/Disability/Group Term Life Insurance
Choosing the right health insurance plan can be quite challenging. Based on your specific requirements, the Marsh Company can provide AAMFT members with a list of medical plans from which to choose. For assistance, please call the Marsh Company at (800) 621-3008 or visit www.seaburychicago.com for more information.

The Marsh Company, our administrator, provides disability insurance that will pay your regular income if you become disabled and unable to work. The various plans provide a choice of options to meet your needs, including choice of benefit amounts and waiting and payment periods. Benefit amounts are available up to $5,000 per month. If you pay premiums yourself, the income benefits will be tax free under I.R.S. regulations. Please contact the Marsh Company at (800) 621-3008 or visit www.seaburychicago.com for more information.

The Marsh Company also provides affordable basic or supplemental protection (group term life insurance) for you and your family. You can obtain up to $250,000 for you and your spouse and up to $5,000 for each of your children. If you need $100,000 coverage or more, you can save with group rates, non-smoker discounts, and additional discounts. Please contact the Marsh Company at (800) 621-3008 or visit www.seaburychicago.com for more information.

Discounts on Software
AAMFT members get a ten percent discount on this product.  Go to http://www.helper.com/  to purchase or to obtain more information.


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